Welcome to Blue Igloo IT

Blue Igloo IT is an independent software development business owned and operated by Bevan Calliess, based in Canberra, Australia.  So who is Bevan? I am a software developer with over 14 years of experience in the industry developing and implementing software solutions for a variety of clients in both government and private industry.  I started out in Microsoft Office development specialising in Microsoft Access and then progressed into C# development and later project/account management.  I am highly motivated and always strive to provide solutions that exceed the customers’ expectations.

I have highlighted below a few of the services that I can provide.

Microsoft Access database design, development and maintenance

Often in a small business you need a solution to assist in managing your business but cannot find a cost-effective software solution off the shelf, this is where a Microsoft Access database can help.  Many customers already have a licence for Microsoft Access and developing a solution in Access can be fast and effective.


Microsoft Access Start Page

Website development with WordPress

WordPress logo

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) to use when building a website today, with over 30% of all websites using the WordPress platform (read the w3techs.com survey results here).  WordPress can handle a wide variety of website needs ranging from a personal blog to a complex business site and can even handle running an online store using the very popular WooCommerce plugin.

Website development with Drupal

Drupal is a powerful, flexible and secure content management system (CMS) that is great if you expect high levels of traffic to your site.  Drupal is an excellent choice for larger scale website development as it provides a comprehensive list of built-in options that many other platforms only include as downloadable plugins.  Many government websites use Drupal as well as sites like NASA, Tesla and Harvard University.

Drupal CMS logo

Website maintenance

When you have a website built using products like WordPress,  Drupal or any other content management system it is of the utmost importance that you keep the software up to date to limit your vulnerability to attack from hackers.  I can provide a regular maintenance service to ensure all patches and updates are applied to your site.  All updates are applied to an offsite test environment first to ensure they are stable prior to applying them to your live site.

App and game development

I also develop apps and games for the Windows and Android platforms, you can find more details about the apps and games I have published under the Apps & Games menu.