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Re-Capture-It icon


This app assists you in taking a picture with a similar layout to an image you already have on your phone. The image you select will be overlaid on top of the phones camera so that you can use it like a template to layout the new picture. This can be used to take the same image of your garden each season, or retake a family portrait 10 years later.

Random place to eat app

Random Place App

This app is a fun way to find somewhere for dinner or a drink in your local area. A list of possible venues matching your criteria is created from Google and then a venue from that list is randomly selected and displayed.

Stopwatch 7Seg icon

Stopwatch 7 Seg

This stopwatch app has a retro feel emulating the 7 segment displays from the old liquid crystal displays of the 70’s. It displays time in three formats Traditional, Decimal Minutes, French Revolutionary Time. Other features include – Large buttons for easy use. – Send times via email and a programmable timer function.