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10 Zombie Bowling

10 Zombie Bowling Icon

The zombie apocalypse of 2027 has taken a surprising turn, the virus has started shrinking the infected down to the size of a bowling pin.  The upside to this is we now have a brand-new game “10 Zombie Bowling”, see how many strikes you can get.

If you like 10 pin bowling but think a slight variation on the theme might be fun this is the game for you.  The game uses a simple swipe up gesture to bowl the ball.  You can use a mouse or swipe on a touch screen and the speed and direction of your swipe dictate the speed and direction of your bowling ball.  The rules are the same as normal 10 pin bowling only the traditional pins have been replaced with zombies.

The game is available for both Windows 10 and Android devices.

Version 1.3 Now out.

  • You can now post your scores to Facebook to challenge your friends.
  • Minor tweaks to celebrate spares and strikes.

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